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Limited Edition Lithograph of THE FIRST PERFORMANCE ever by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham.

26 images from that magic evening. Click on the image to the left to see more about this art print.

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I often get mails or messages in my guestbook (thank you) from people who have visited my site. Here are excerpts from the comments about the photos:
... the photos are *incredible*! Truly amazing, and despite your modest claims to the contrary, mostly very high quality - nice work! The actual quality may not be my very best, but the images are priceless. Seeing your shots absolutely blew my mind, it's so rare to see stuff like this from the very early days of the band. Also, there are many people in the Zeppelin trading world who have photos that they advertise as "very good" that are not even half as nice as yours - I appreciate your modesty!
I would like to tell you that your photographs of Page and the Yardbirds are fantastic ... I've been collecting the Yardbirds/Zeppelin items for 30 plus years now and I must say that the ones on your site are some of the best I've ever seen. I saw the photos on your site of early Led Zeppelin. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing them with us! It's great to see something so early! What a treasure you have & you're so lucky to have seen them then! Thanks again for sharing! I must say, those are very impressive photos...
Remarkable. Zeppelin at it's rarest and best. Thank You. I just have to say how great the photos you have of Zeppelin are. You captured some of their greatest moments on stage. your site is the best Led Zeppelin site on the net I've ever seen.
Only that you have photos from their first ever show it's..superb, fantastic,

A three-book series by Frank Reddon, internationally recognized Led Zeppelin expert.

VOL 1: Break & Enter

Author Frank Reddon has conducted over 40 primary source interviews, starting with those who were right on the scene with Led Zeppelin during its earliest days.
Experience Led Zeppelin's first-ever performance (September 7, 1968) as you go with Jimmy Page and The Yardbirds on their Scandinavian tour. First-hand accounts, exclusive pics of venues and hard-to-find memorabilia document their first gig better than anything we've seen in print to date.

Find out who helped Led Zeppelin "break & enter" the popular music scene on the band's first U.S. and Canadian tour of 1968-69 in such a big way:

Many photos (including the cover photo) by Jorgen Angel who is also among the interviewes. So is his friend Jerry Ritz who was Led Zeppelin's first tour manager (when touring Scandinavia billed as The New Yardbirds).

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