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Yardbirds Robert Plant

Limited Edition Lithograph of THE FIRST PERFORMANCE ever by Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham.

26 images from that magic evening. Click on the image to the left to see more about this art print.

These photos are taken September 7, 1968 in Denmark (Gladsaxe Teen Club). It was the bands first performance ever. Actually they performed under the name of The New Yardbirds and didn't become Led Zeppelin until after their return from Scandinavia. Little did we know that we witnessed the birth of one of the greatest rock bands ever.

The photos are not super measured by the standard of my later work. I was just a schoolboy just turned 17 taking photos with my mothers holiday camera and my fathers old flash.

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If you want to read about the early concerts go here.

DJTees have made some excellent T-shirts with designs based on Jorgen Angel's photos of Led Zeppelin. Click to see the many designs.

A three-book series by Frank Reddon, internationally recognized Led Zeppelin expert.

VOL 1: Break & Enter

Author Frank Reddon has conducted over 40 primary source interviews, starting with those who were right on the scene with Led Zeppelin during its earliest days.
Experience Led Zeppelin's first-ever performance (September 7, 1968) as you go with Jimmy Page and The Yardbirds on their Scandinavian tour. First-hand accounts, exclusive pics of venues and hard-to-find memorabilia document their first gig better than anything we've seen in print to date.

Find out who helped Led Zeppelin "break & enter" the popular music scene on the band's first U.S. and Canadian tour of 1968-69 in such a big way:

Many photos (including the cover photo) by Jorgen Angel who is also among the interviewes. So is his friend Jerry Ritz who was Led Zeppelin's first tour manager (when touring Scandinavia billed as The New Yardbirds).

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