Jimi Hendrix Special Offer!

One set (set B) of handmade prints of Jimi Hendrix

See set A here

Limited sets of prints available!


One set is US$85 including shipping

Set A + set B, 10 prints, are availble for only US$150
including shipping


The prints are handmade by Jorgen Angel in press photo quality on real photographic paper (Resin Coated) direct from the original negatives.

Please scroll down to see the images.

The overall size of the prints is 13x18 cm / 5x7 inches with some white around the image.
The images above are scans of the actual prints in the set. There is of course no line across or writing on the prints you get.

The price for the set of these five classic photos is only US$ 85.
Set A + set B, 10 prints, are availble for only US$150.

Please note: The prices INCLUDE shipping and handling.

Limited sets of prints available at this price.
Reference number for this set: Hendrix Special Offer 01B

Order your prints here: sales@angel.dk