Check out the special offers! From time to time photos will be sold at a reduced price. Items for sale are single photos or selections of photos.

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Pete Townshend, The Who #01

Pete Townshend, The Who SO_A2+A3

Jimi Hendrix special offer #01 A + B

Jimi Hendrix special offer 24x30abc

Jimi Hendrix, big print with 5 photos

Black Sabbath special offers

Deep Purple special offers #1 + 2

David Coverdale special offer #01

In some cases the offer includes shipping, if not:

S&H is US$ 45 per order/shipment regardless of number of prints.
The prints will be packed well and shipped by air mail.

Delivery timeframe:
The prints will normally be shipped within a couple of weeks (often sooner) of receipt and clearance of payment, allowing for extra time during holidays and vacations.

Payment in advance: cash, PayPal or credit card. Please contact Jorgen Angel Photography to get details on payment.

Cheques and money orders from abroad are not accepted by Danish banks.