Jørgen Angel Photography
Jørgen Angel Photography
Limited Edition Lithograph "THE FIRST PERFORMANCE"
Jørgen Angel Photography Nobody knew on the night of September 7, 1968 at the Gladsaxe Teen Club (Copenhagen, Denmark) that they were about to witness the birth of one of the greatest rock bands of all time. This was the very first time Jimmy Page, Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and John Bonham ever performed together as a band. They were booked as The Yardbirds. They performed as The New Yardbirds. They became Led Zeppelin.

As on so many other Saturday nights, the club's house photographer Jørgen Angel was there. Just 17, he was using his mother’s old holiday camera and his father’s old flash to shoot photos for the club magazine. Jørgen himself was destined to become a renowned rock photographer.

For decades Jørgen’s old negatives of rock stars (more than 50,000) have been packed away in the attic and only recently have they seen the light of enlarger lamp again. The vintage photos from this first performance will be particularly appreciated by all fans of classic rock, especially Led Zeppelin fans.

It has been Jørgen’s wish for some time to present the best shots from this evening in a way that would take the Zep fan back to that special night. To commemorate this unique event Jørgen has personally produced a limited edition lithograph. For many months the photographer worked with designers and a visual artist to produce a simple, yet elegant artwork, designed to encapsulate the show as the photographer saw it - presenting those magic moments in 26 frames. In the innocence of those early days it was possible (for a schoolboy with his mother’s camera) to get very close to the rock stars, actually on stage at times, as it shows in the intimate images on the lithograph.

The whole process started with Jørgen carefully cleaning each of the old film strips. He then went in to a traditional darkroom where he spent many days making prints of each frame. Jørgen realised that some of the shots had never been seen by anyone before, not even by himself, as he had never made prints of a number of the old negatives. Some of these shots, including powerful enlargements of Robert Plant's characteristic facial expressions, now appear on this art print for the very first time. The photographer discussed each photo with a graphic designer and a music journalist, resulting in a rough selection. As the various designs were made and discussed, the choice of photos changed. The final design, made with the assistance of the visual artist Flemming Brantbjerg, uses about half the shots from that exceptional night. Each image is cropped to zoom in on the energy and power that later became a trade mark for a live performance by Led Zeppelin.

The carefully made prints
were scanned at high resolution on a drum scanner. After scanning any wear and tear and scratches were retouched by Jørgen Angel. The repro team adjusted each image individually to give the best representation possible on the lithograph. The flawless images now stand out more clear and crisp and more dynamically than ever before. A treasure for true Led Zeppelin fans.

Jørgen Angel is aware that these photos individually may not be photographic masterpieces but more importantly they capture the essence of this legendary evening, with its intimacy and energy, and they attest to that First Performance that can never be recreated.

Jørgen Angel was born in 1951 and has been a successful photographer since his teenage days in the mid-’60s. He started with rock ‘n’ roll, a personal as well as professional passion, and worked exclusively photographing rock bands from the late sixties until the early eighties. He has taken photos all over Scandinavia, Great Britain and the United States - at concerts, press receptions, exclusive sessions or on the road with the bands. Jørgen has provided photos for magazines, album covers, books and television programmes - not to mention serious collectors who appreciate his hand made prints. He has exhibited his work in galleries in USA and Europe.

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Limited edition lithograph "THE FIRST PERFORMANCE" is published by:

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Facts on the limited edition lithograph titled

This edition is limited to only 750 copies worldwide + 50 Artists Proofs. When the edition is sold out it will never be reprinted. Each art print will be signed and numbered by Jørgen Angel and comes with an original and signed Certificate of Authenticity.

The lithograph is printed in high resolution offset lithography in duotone on acid free paper (200 gsm) with acid free printing ink and protected by acid free varnish using a printer specialising in art prints. Duotone (or duplex) is a second printing ink used to give the black & white photos more depth and better details in the highlight areas.

The lithograph measures 60 x 84 centimetres / 23.5 x 33 inches.

The price per lithograph is US$95 including shipping and handling.
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The lithograph will be shipped in a sturdy tube. The 8 cm / 3 inch tube is large enough so that it does not permanently curl the paper fibres. The lithograph will be rolled up with protective paper and sent by first class air mail.

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Jørgen Angel Photography
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