Alice Cooper
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In November 1972 I arrived at the hotel where Alice Cooper was staying to take some photos. Alice invited me to join him and the band plus the support act, Flo & Eddie, on a night on the town. It turned out that they had booked a private show at one of the many live show clubs in the red light district of Copenhagen.
It was a small, sleazy joint. Half the room was taken up by the stage - a king size mattress. The sound system was an old, red portable gramophone that you would have found in a teenager's room years earlier. At one point when the heat was on on the "stage" the pickup got stuck in the groove.
The rock artists very much enjoyed the performances by the mattress artists. The latter involved the former in the show from time to time. Alice was trying to hide from my camera. First by hiding his head behind a curtain. Realising he would miss the work of art, he then tried to hide behind a beer bottle ;-)