Angus Young, AC/DC

This "session" took place in April 1977.
People who have seen these photos have all asked "How did those pictures come about?" Below is the story in case you are interested.

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So here is the story behind these shots:

There was a press meeting with Angus Young in a bar in Copenhagen. I was the only photographer who bothered to show up. Angus was nice and in a good mood. The bar was dark and dull so I asked him to step outside with me for some photos.
Outside was this small street in the old part of the city. He wasn't exactly dressed like a rock&roll star, so I tried to get a bit of "drama" in the shots by using a 24 mm wide-angle lens. First I took some close-ups - very close up. He showed me his false teeth. You can see we had fun. Then we did some full figure shots. Since he was in the city known for "free sex" he wanted to contribute. So in the middle of the street he took of his clothes.
Many years later he saw one of the photos and called me on the phone to ask when it was taken, he couldn't remember the session, but he liked the photo.