For an explanation of the lines across the photos, please read on:

Many people have advised me to put a line across the photos in order to avoid misuse of my work. I didn't wish to do this as it reduces the viewing pleasure. So I discreetly put a copyright line on the photo. I believe, my photos are bigger than other photographers have on display. The larger the photo gives the fans bigger pleasure, but at the same time it makes it easier for misuse of my photos (I know this but I had faith in people).

Unfortunately, my photos are being used without my permission - on the Web as well as in print. In other words 'I am getting ripped off!' This leaves me with three options:

1) Continue getting ripped off but I don't like that.
2) Remove all my photos from the web.
3) Protect my copyright by making it less attractive to use photos without my permission.

Therefore I, reluctantly, have put lines on the photos. Believe me it is with a bleeding heart I do this. I know it's not the 'good guys' who misuse my work but the number 'bad guys' are increasing. I apologise to the 'good guys' but blame it on the 'bad guys'. I hope you can still enjoy the photos - despite the blemish of the line.

Should you order prints from me there will of course be no lines or copyright notice on the photo.

I have granted a number of sites permission to use some of my photos. However, I know that other sites use my photos without my permission. Should you come across a site using my photos, I would appreciate an e-mail form you giving me the URL (the web address) of the site. I will check that my permission has been granted. I thank you in advance.

Jørgen Angel