Over the years people have send me kind words about my photos on the site and about the prints they have bought from me. Here are excerpts of some of the letters I have received:
Live rock photos don't get any cooler than Jorgen's timeless shot of Jimmy Page which perfectly captures the excitement and energy of Page in action.
When selecting photos for the 'classic photo feature' in Q Magazine's Led Zeppelin Special, this photo really stood out from the hundreds we had to choose from. It is also the one I have on my wall at home!

Dave Brolan
Picture Editor
Q Led Zeppelin Special Edition


I received the photos this week that I had ordered from you and I am so happy to say the quality and clarity of the photos are to the utmost degree.
You made this process extremely easy and I appreciate your professionalism and advice throughout. I can say with confidence that not only will I be a returning customer, but I will be recommending you to friends and family.
Thanks so much.

Hey Jorgen,
I got the photos today!
They are just phenominal!!! I can't believe how incredible they look in person!!!
Especially the closeup of Page and Plant at the 9/7/68 - Gladsaxe show!!!! Wow, that is an awesome and powerful image!!!! I can't get over how close it is , it looks like you were just a couple of feet away!!! It is classic!! I can't believe I have a photo of Zeppelin this close and perfect , and it's from the very first show they ever did!!!!!
All the photos look so much better in person!!!!

stunning shots....I am looking at them now and I think how well you've timed pressing you shutter..... just at the right time not a second sooner or later.....Brilliant!!!

the prints came to day. I am very happy with them.
The one of Lemmy has such definition, its almost as if the viewer was there standing in front of him.

Hi Jorgen, Wow!! the prints arrived this morning in perfect condition and they look stunning. Many thanks.

I would like to tell you that your photographs of Page and the Yardbirds are fantastic ... I've been collecting the Yardbirds/Zeppelin items for 30 plus years now and I must say that the ones on your site are some of the best I've ever seen.

Thanks again on the wonderful quality of the pics - they really are a
treasure to have in my collection!

the pics are really classy and the developpement was done in the most
perfect way

just received your photos today. They are absolutely amazing. Really great shots! Why don´t you publish them in book?

The prints arrived safely today. They are outstanding, better than I had thought.
just had to mention that you are a very cool guy.
Most of the photographers from that period are selling their photos for
$350-500. Yours are just as good, and much more affordable!

You do beautiful work! I received the 3 prints this morning and they are even more stunning than I thought.

I just want to say that your scope of work is tremendous, influential and most of all a true archival treasure! You should be proud of your work and I personally want to say "Thank You"!

The prints are absolutley brilliant, I am amazed that they are so life like, that is reflected in your brilliant photography.

The pictures have arrived today and they are absolutely wonderful!

Thank you for applying your excellent photographic skills in producing an outstanding print for me. It's obvious that you know how to print photos! Every shade of gray is in there and the tones are well balanced. (Yes, I have a darkroom and have done some printing in my time too)

I recieved the prints on Saturday in perfect condition. The photos are
excellent and I'm very satisfied.

all the Led Zepellin and Yardbirds photos that you made for me arrived safely today. I can't thank you enough for these....

These photos are my favorite ones in my collection. I have over 2,000 Led Zeppelin photos, including many straight from the professional photographers negatives, and yet your's are THE best in the bunch.
Thanks again Jorgen!

The photos arrived today and they're excellent! Thank you so much. I couldn't be any more pleased.

The photos arrived on Wednesday. I am very pleased with them! Wonderful photos. THANKS a million.

Just to let you know that the prints arrived safely today. They
are really lovely and I am very pleased with them.

Many thanks for the tremendous photos of the Moodies, which arrived with me yesterday. The quality is superb. Thanks very much again for these super prints!

Remarkable. Zeppelin at it's rarest and best. Thank You.

Seeing your shots absolutely blew my mind, it's so rare to see stuff like this from the very early days of the band. Also, there are many people in the Zeppelin trading world who have photos that they advertise as "very good" that are not even half as nice as yours - I appreciate your modesty!

just been to your site to check out your Marc Bolan pics I just want to say that they are fantastic and I really mean fantastic

I would like to admit that your site is the best Led Zeppelin site on the net I've ever seen. Only that you have photos from their first ever show it's..superb, fantastic, unbelievable, great.......

I have been into lz for th last 11 years (since 11 yrs old) and this is my first exposure. these pics take my mind where only the music has been able to, now though i go even closer, wow wow wow.

I was really floored by your beautiful pictures of Jimi in Copenhagen in 1970!

Outstanding photos! Thanks for sharing them!

Your shots of Zep and Yardbirds really caught my attention, though all your stuff looks "top drawer." Thanx for the great images Jorgen.

I visited your photo site and it is great!!!!!!!!!!!!
I not know that many photographers, but i think you're the best!!!!
Thanks for those wonderful photos!!!! It was a pleasure to see them, both Zep and Heep.

I enjoyed viewing your Zeppelin photo collection very much. The quality and magnitude of the photos are quite amazing!!! Nice Web presentation, too. Thanks for the opportunity to view your wonderful work.

You have really AWESOME stuff on your homepage.

I just visited your Zep site: These photos are incredible! I´ve seen many Zep-photos, yours are better than most of them! (And I didn´t know one of them!)

I learned about you site by doing an AOL search on Led Zeppelin. So far, yours is the BEST I've seen. Thanks again.

You have some great and unique photos there!

Great photography, really exciting stuff! The shots are such a great capture of a certain moment in time. ...really beautiful.

I saw the photos on your site of early Led Zeppelin. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing them with us! It's great to see something so early! What a treasure you have & you're so lucky to have seen them then!
Thanks for sharing!