Another kind
of T-shirt!

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I know, this is not the kind of T-shirts my friends at DJTees usually make from my Rock & Roll photos. On the other hand, Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, you know...

Anyway, I saw the story on the CNBC website where they talked about Copenhagen (where I live) now being called Gropenhagen because of the Lady Mayor's silly initiative and the funny reaction to it (click to see the story).

Immediately I called DJTees and suggested a T-shirt design. 20 hours later they had made this great design. And the text got an extra twist ;-)

CNBC did a follow-up story telling about the T-shirts (click to see the story).

A T-shirt has of course been sent to the Lady Mayor of Gropenh, sorry, Copenhagen. And one to the spokeswoman for the sex workers in Denmark. She thinks our initiative is great and loves the design. What more can you ask for?

A PS for the Danes:
To grope er engelsk for "at tage på" eller "gramse på".


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